Coming Attractions

So I have these ideas. Lots of ideas. Some of them maybe even good ideas. And a fair number of them I would like to type up here, for your entertainment and possible edification, but at the moment I fear most of it would turn into whingeing about my thyroid annoyances and lack of energy. And no one would be interested in reading that blog. Especially not me.

Amongst those ideas:

  • The return of random blathering status updates about my writing, complete with story-specific banner images, because making those images is fun and not a waste of time at all, really.
  • Ancient Egypt Redux, or a better name for it if I think of one: musings on the parallels I see between events in ancient history and the unfolding drama of modern reality.
  • Photography, which will probably be pretty bad to begin with, because I generally have no idea what I’m doing. Expect lots of macro photos of random objects.
  • Occasional hieroglyphs. With translations if you’re nice.
  • More of my political grumbles, because why not howl one’s rage and sorrow into the uncaring void?

And of course I welcome your comments, suggestions, oh-please-don’t-do-thats, etc.

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